Spongebob Cheerful

Mr. Crab : Good Morning Spongebob
Spongebob : Good morning Mr. Crab
Mr. Crab : Did u find special things today?
Spongebob : Yayeeessss
Mr. Crab : Really???
Spongebob : Yaaaap
Mr. Crab : And you wanna share with me what is it? You’re Good boy (he was wondering that is coin or penny)
Spongebob : Of course
Mr. Crab : Great, showing it to me..
Spongebob :haha, i already have showing it to you mr. crab
Mr. Crab : Whaaaaat ? (surprised)
Spongebob : The things that i found was a bright shiny , NEW DAY..(with cheers)

Look around your eyes don’t you see these wonders? 🙂 aaa new day wonderful and powerful thanks for New Day… Alhamdulillah


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